My perfectly imperfect life Workbook


127 esercizi di auto-accetazione, animati da colori e illustrazioni bellissime.

My Perfectly Imperfect Life workbook

A thoughtful, interactive journal, My Perfectly Imperfect Life workbook shows just how to ease the pressure in our daily lives, with charmingly illustrated activities and exercises. Here are tips for breaking out of the usual routine. Prompts to inspire us to be gentler on ourselves, to slow down and not worry so much about racking up accomplishments. And generous reminders to find the silver lining in life’s quirks – to not just accept things as they are, but to celebrate them.

The workbook consists of 8 chapters of the Perfectly Imperfect: work, home, family, friends, adventures, creativity, body and self.

127 Exercises for Self-Acceptance

Adulthood always sounded so nice as a child, but once it came, it was a bit different than we imagined. Instead of more freedom, we created new rules for ourselves. Things like: don’t ever be late. Always remember someone’s birthday. Find a good job. Always have a tidy home. Instead of being happy, we were tired. Attaining that Perfect Life didn’t seem possible, but we still chased it, becoming stressed and annoyed in the constant pursuit. It was only through the mistakes, chaos and experiences that didn’t go as planned that we started  to realize things became fun again when we let it go a little, when we did not have to be perfect anymore. Liking ourselves just the way we are, accepting events and situations as they come: These are the best life lessons (and often the most joyful).

Combining the interactive fun of a fill-in workbook with a timely focus on mindfulness, the charmingly illustrated My Perfectly Imperfect Life workbook inspires readers to let go of the quest for perfection, and instead celebrate the inevitable quirks, flaws and imperfections that make us just right. A thoughtful gift with a validating message, it’s a perfect tool for journaling enthusiasts, friends, sisters, or moms to embrace self-acceptance joyfully.

This workbook shows you how to embrace your own Perfectly Imperfect Life. Because not everything works out. And that’s not such a bad thing. The My Perfectly Imperfect Life workbook is illustrated by Karen Weening and includes a bonus sheet of stickers.


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